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Thank you for your interest in these pure, confirmed highest-quality chemicals of the identified vitamins comprising B3EF for which a need to supplement is concretely supported by the highest level 1A medical evidence (see here).

B3 (unaltered, immediate-release, crystalline/powdered Nicotinic Acid aka the only vitamin B3 aka Niacin; adults can take 250 milligrams (= 0.250 grams) up to 5 g daily, increasing dose over 1-2 weeks; weighed on precision balance (i.e., digital scale displaying weight in grams w/ three zeroes following the decimal point: 0.000 g), into a ±30mL cup or beaker),

E ((+)-α-Tocopherol free-form; extracted from natural plant oil aka the vitamin E; at ~1/10th the mass of nicotinic acid; EX: 2.000 g nicotinic acid & 0.200 g (= 200 mg) (+)-α-tocopherol),

Folate (wherein Folic Acid is the precursor of folate(s) or vitamin B9, especially for MTHFR gene variants when metabolized w/ corresponding B3 & E alongside; at ~1/1000th the mass of nicotinic acid; EX: 2.000 g nicotinic acid & pinch @ 0.002 g (= 2 mg) folic acid)

 + add 0.5-2 oz distilled water (room temp) to cup/beaker of weighed B3EF; stir together for ~1 min.

Products purchased from ANY supplement, nutrient, or “health” company, without official documentation, are NOT actually what they are claimed to be. All such goods on the consumer market are of Chinese (or Indian or often even Pakistani) origin, i.e., originating from unknown production processes and never equipped w/ any documented determination of the quality, biosafety, or even identity of the so-called produced contents the supplement companies purchase in bulk (& subsequently sell off).

Without regulation or accountability, given their relatively massively cheaper prices, this Chinese “quality,” as opposed to any kind of more expensive source, represents the consumer (/obviously for the supplement companies’ business’) standard of what is being bought, sold, & used by pretty much everyone across the world.

To noticeable degrees, ALL of these supplement products on the market are tainted with contaminants including: pesticides, heavy metals, and various other toxic/harmful byproducts, notably solvent residues or impurities remaining over low-budget manufacturing routes using outdated machinery within shabby facilities.

Sans authentic, dated Certificates of Analysis, let alone any official documentation, an ongoing environment of global poisoning has not only been prime to happen but has undoubtedly been happening. Official documentation directly from the manufacturer as is provided here, detailing audited confirmation of the contents’ identity, biosafety, & quality control via extensive testing results, for the first time, prides itself in allowing the consumer to see/check and know exactly what they are getting.

Whereas a very stringent legal requirement exists for prescription drugs at pharmacies to have undergone + passed United States Pharmacopeia (USP) thresholds for testing & quality control (as depicted in paperwork in images), recycled toxic waste powders being scammed by essentially legal mystery poison drug dealer companies is not even conceived as a threat?

Relatively lower-priced products without the paperwork are recycled toxic waste remains from China misappropriated as nutrients, flipped by another company representing another D-Train (example alias for a dope dealer in a high-crime inner city area) of the supplement industry.

As a 501(c)(3)-registered public charity nonprofit research organization, it is our duty to provide the actual nutrient compounds, if not for at least the safety of at-risk individuals and communities.

Review the below before placing your order:

(Nicotinic Acid = Niacin, 100% pure)
100 g (unopened container from manufacturer)
200 g (two 100 g containers)
1 kg = 1000 g (unopened container from manufacturer)

In Combinations
100 g
200 g
1 kg

purified (+)-α-Tocopherol; 1/10th B3‘s mass)
10 g (transferred out 100 g ampule [see below] into brand-new, high-quality 30mL dark-amber glass dropper bottle, wrapped & enveloped for further protection)

In Combinations
10 g
20 g (same as ^ but 20 g into 60mL dropper bottle)
100 g (still in its unopened ampule within still-unopened can, sent by manufacturer; will include: brand-new, high-quality 60mL dark-amber glass dropper bottle to use for dosing + 125mL bottle to store remainder)

(Folic acid, USP-grade powder; 1/1000th B3‘s mass)
100 mg (carefully scooped out dark-amber glass bottle from manufacturer into brand-new, high-quality 10mL dark-amber glass jar, then enveloped for extra support)
200 mg (same as ^ but 200 mg into 10mL jar)
1 g (same as ^ but 1 g into 20mL jar)

In Combinations
100 mg
200 mg
1 g


by cost for domestic or international, according to distance x weight/dimensions
Domestic (within USA: ~1-3 business days)
International (outside USA: ~1-5 business days)

* Tracking number (w/ link to track) + relevant documents as detailed in below Description provided upon shipment of your order (within 48 hours of its placement).

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Email Support with questions/concerns.
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Your order represents the relevant donation made to our 501(c)(3)-registered nonprofit public charity research organization associated with the various costs accrued in procuring the validated to-be-pure, uncontaminated, and actual compounds, directly from the globe’s sole legitimate and reliable manufacturers who provide official, dated proof of the identity, purity, biosafety, & quality control from extensive, audited test results for each of their produced chemicals.

Collectively, data collected from, utilized to epidemiologically analytically assess, and thereafter dynamically interactively shared with participating HOM3OSTASIS Members will serve to steer our nonprofit’s mission to advance the public health. While it is not prerequisite to place an order on this page to obtain B3EF, it is greatly encouraged to immerse yourself as a beloved and taken-care-of monthly (but cancel anytime) donating member so that you can take advantage of the features on our site accessible exclusively for members (including a private 24/7 chat group + soon our own live mobile app) to be most attentively informed and guided forward.

Thank you,

Dmitry Kats PhD, MPH

KNOWN Purity + Quality Assurance:

Certificate of Analysis (COA): Within 24 hours from when the order is shipped, a message will be sent to the donating customer that includes the official COA documents for each product ordered that is shipped. This document, which will never be altered, manipulated, or misappropriated, serves to be proudly used to verify your personal product’s compliance with strict purity and quality control standards.
+ If available, the product’s Certificate of Origin (COO)

Lot/Batch #s: Each product has a unique Lot/Batch #, identifying its origin and production details. This number will be included through the content of the aforementioned message, printed on the label(s) of ordered/received product(s), and correspond to the constitution of the very batch referred to in each COA.

and Verification:
Digital copies of this information (via the aforementioned COA along with any other relevant information provided by the manufacturer) will be sent to the customer for convenience and reference.

Invariably able to trace the origin and production history of your specific product.
This system ensures you receive authentic products that meet only the utmost standards: ONLY 100%, FRESH.

 – – –

Once ordered items are processed, fully-packaged, and ready to ship, a Message will be sent from @GPR109A here on our site &/or emailed (to email address specified in Checkout), which will include the following:

* COA (along with any other information provided such as the COO) by the manufacturer, specific to each exact item ordered and shipped

* Tracking # and the direct link to live-track the order’s shipment from HOM3OSTASIS to the indicated Shipping Address (which, if different than the Billing Address, should be noted in the Notes section during Checkout).

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None, 100 mg, 200 mg, 1 g


Domestic (USA), International

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