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by Dr. Dmitry Kats PhD, MPH
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immediate release nicotinic acid aka FLUSH(-inducing) niacin

AVOID products that alter the release of nicotinic acid, as these products are highly hepatotoxic, not necessarily directly by the actual alteration employed in their release of the nicotinic acid but rather via the alteration ushering conversion of nicotinic acid to nicotinamide/niacinamide in the liver…
^ Meanwhile, the natural, crystalline, unaltered, immediate release nicotinic acid is in fact only AMAZING for the liver (& beyond) – for instance, see this 
study as well as this one. By trying to limit the (literally THERAPY-IN-ACTION) FLUSH, which can be accomplished by altering the release of the nicotinic acid as described above or, alternatively, simply by combining (even our immediate release) nicotinic acid with unneeded agents (e.g., Aspirin or even so-called ‘nutrients’ such as quercetin) that interact with niacin’s intricate (& completely safe) mechanisms that need not to be touched, in turn leading to potentially serious issues (for example, refer to these Harvard or UPenn medical schools’ assessments).
^ From the get-go, especially for those who need the most therapy, while note assuming no interference from prescription drugs, over-the-counter ‘medications’, or any so-called ‘nutrients’ or supplement products (e.g., herbs or potions), the flush induced from (immediate release) nicotinic acid, i.e., (actual) Niacin will indeed be deep & powerful BUT simultaneously SMOOTH & COMFORTING AT LAST upon combining it (each dose) together with the PROPER, PEAGREEN-colored Ferric Ammonium Citrate, which lo and behold is the other component that must be supplemented alongside Niacin (at ~1/44.6667th its mass) to empower Niacin (AND NOTE
NOT the “Ferric Citrate” compound that comes without the Ammonium part like the Swanson “Iron Citrate” product – see below – but appropriately, the watersoluble, green-colored Ferric AMMONIUM Citratein what appears to be this fine-tuned (per microbial assay analyses), appropriate ratio alongside. With how amazing even the first flush should feel with the proper products & weighted out accurately, I can only begin to predict how many of you (i.e., ALL) will quickly grow to miss the flush!
^ By trying to block the flush as these pharmaceutical company-made “niacins” do, and forcing niacinamide to be made from nicotinic acid, it leads to niacinamide having imminently to turn back into nicotinic acid to make any NAD+, as this is the only way NAD+ can actually be made – via nicotinic acid derivatives (through to nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide; another example: see here how NR turns into nicotinic acid to make NAD+). The problem here is that these -mides (see below listed) are meant to serve simply for compensatory NAD+ biosynthesis to turn into NAD+ through nicotinic acid derivatives in the case of the host lacking niacin, and hopefully only temporarily until niacin to NAD+ is restored (hopefully ASAP)… these salvage NAD+ precursors hold an extra Nitrogen (vs. nicotinic acid) so can’t just release it quickly or w/o it needing to be methylated to clear out our body safely. Thus, with each dose, the rate of the conversion of a salvage precursor to a nicotinic acid derivative (or nicotinic acid itself) is rate-limited, meaning the majority of the entire dose (if beyond a few hundred milligrams) of these -mide “NAD+ precursors will use up methylation, leading to serious issues. In fact, the disease pathology itself is this overload of the salvage pathways in lieu of Niacin and FAC.
^The worst part is that despite these altered “niacin”s (e.g., extended or sustained or slow (of ANY kind) or wax-matrix or intermittent, etc.) trying to avoid the flush, one STILL flushes (note: you will still see the flush warning on even altered “niacin” bottles noted). The EASIEST way to avoid all these distractions & confusions is simply to GET THE PureBulk Niacin PRODUCT LINKED BELOW! Lastly, while IHN (i.e., inositol hexanicotinate), which is as it sounds – six inositol molecules surrounding a central nicotinic acid molecule, pretty much completely avoids the flush by allowing niacin to be released off inositol more slowly, beyond the first dose it is absolutely worthless. Hence, DO AVOID “no-flush”, “non-flush”, &/or “flush-free” formulation as well!

  AVOID ANY & ALL “multivitamin” or “B-complex” products. There is NO need for exogenous supplementation of any other Bs (or for ANY & ALL other compounds outside of a sufficient calorie, well-balanced diet with clean water). By restoring NiacIron (its lack what caused this), ANY & ALL nourishment is endogenously, that is – PROPERLY restored (in the intestine), in the sense that literally EVERY SINGLE consumed entity that is good for us, including all (other) macro- + micro-nutrients in diet (uptake, absorption, metabolism) as well as the retention of water, all of which, at least in more developed regions of the globe, are equipped in ample supply, just not being taken up through, absorbed, or metabolized properly with more pellagranemia (i.e., NiacIron insufficiency). At the same time, niacin powered with this appropriate iron enables, harnesses, and sustains the counter against, clearance of, & restoration of cells from everything that is harmful/toxic. Moreover, any ‘nutrient’, ‘multivitamin’, or ‘B-complex’ products aside from NiacIron fail to carry nearly enough niacin (nicotinic acid), even if sans niacinamide (aka nicotinamide), especially not sufficient amounts to prevent aging let alone to recover from something like a pellagranemia, or the various different ‘diseases’ or conditions or disorders (name one) from which we all suffer to some degree (even call it, aging). Absolutely you do NOT want even to try to restore exogenously the downstream “nutrients” (including any other Bs), which again are depleted & dysfunctional as a result of lacking NiacIron (many clinical reports noting the relevant horrors that can ensue: 1 , 23).

 anything ending in “mide”: niacinamide/nicotinamide, nicotinamide riboside (NR), nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN)

 AVOID NAD+ (e.g., injections/fusions, any supplements with ingredients with “NAD” like “NADH”)

THERE IS NO OTHER “Vitamin B3” or so-called “Niacin” but the PureBulk product linked below!

PureBulk has the BEST (
10% OFF with DMITRYKATS CODE at checkout) – GEL caps or POWDER (Bags)
^ INTERNATIONAL AVAILABILITY (use FedEx or DHL as shipper + get (gel) capsules product over powder)


Ferric Iron(III) Ammonium Citrate
NOT Ferric Citrate but CORRECTLY, the WATERSOLUBLE, GREEN-colored Ferric Ammonium Citrate (FAC)
i.e., NOT Ferric Citrate (without the Ammonium part) like the Swanson “Iron Citrate” product
Generally Recognized As Safe (like niacin/nicotinic acid), completely non-toxic, organic molecule with vast application including:

– FDA-approved for treating/preventing iron deficiency/anemia + classified/known for many other health purposes (e.g. antiviral)

– used for food fortification (particularly the GREENcolored powder (note: liquid product means the FAC is already mixed into water, which is not preferred as in solution really hurts its shelf-life)), as well as for animal feeds, supplementation of plants + soil fortification, and in infant formula (here too).

VERY READILY WATER SOLUBLE: up to 2 grams per 1 mL
(note: FAC can be dissolved in clean water with niacin or packed into (GELatin) capsule)

– conveniently for us, a compound necessary for a common method for development/printing of photographs onto surfaces.

Given that the standard of purity for chemical products in photo development is known to be higher than of that for even nutritional human supplementation, we are getting not only the same exact compound as is fortified in human + animal food, for plants, & even in infant formula, but meanwhile the highest purity of it possible. PLEASE ALSO MAKE SURE IT IS THE PEA (the food)-GREEN-COLORED powder (and EXCLUSIVELY as the POWDER, i.e., NOT the liqui-gel). The ferric ammonium citrate compound that is Generally Recognized As Safe, used by the FDA for food fortification, and completely non-toxic is this SAME EXACT one used & sold for photo-printing! Any warnings that may be imprinted onto one of these photo-printing FAC products are due to the sheer purity of the formulation with also so much of it, while understanding most consumers will not have a precision digital scale to measure out doses (let alone know how much to dose, certainly not about its relationship/need with niacin!). Please do not be deterred by sourcing the same exact FAC but just in the purest form of it that is commercially available. Take advantage of this, call-it ‘loophole’!

After weighing-out niacin (even taking it out of the PureBulk GEL capsules (to make sure of the exact mass)) and dividing whatever mass of the niacin is shown on the scale (in 0.000 g) by ~44.667, in a new little plastic 30-mL cup on a scale after taring again, using the little measuring spoon linked below to scoop out ~1/44.667th the mass (in 0.000 g) of the niacin’s mass, weigh out this amount of FAC to provide with Niacin for the dose (minimize exposure of green FAC powder to UV light; store green FAC powder, protected within a covered, sealed/closed container, in a cool, dark area).

Subsequently, if not too big of a dose, I then just simply first drop this weighed-out amount of FAC into the mentioned 30-mL little plastic cup filled with 25 mL of DISTILLED (likely best COLDISH) water. I drop the FAC powder into the (little bit of distilled) water first, before the niacin (note how the FAC instantly dissolves into this tiny amount of water, transforming the solution into a light pea-green / translucent water). To this pea-green, see-through, FAC-dissolved solution, using the PureBulk 1/64th or 1/32nd teaspoon (see links below) to make sure to push off the sides, I then add the weighed-out niacin (awaiting in its separate little 30-mL plastic cup waiting) and try best to mix (even dissolve) the niacin to make a heterogeneous/homogenous solution (here you do not want to hurry things (where’s the fire?); please let the niacin get accommodated into solution with the FAC, gently stirring the solution (even adding a bit at a time going forward)).

Even only 25 mL of distilled water will readily dissolve the FAC you’ll see right before your eyes, but on top of that, allow up to about 2 grams of niacin alongside (with that ~1/44.667th of FAC) after stirring carefully for a good few minutes to dissolve more readily too (versus such an amount of niacin solo into this little amount of water). It may be best to try to dissolve both together into as little volume as possible of not too warm of (distilled) water when preparing each dose, stirring gently all the way up to right before you chug it. Even adding a bit at a time going forward, as mentioned above, can help with this process.

This Photographers’ Formulary company (MADE IN THE USA) may be the best FAC product right now (albeit Jacquard product below is also great): 
^ Same Photographers’ Formulary product as above^ but from the retail site, BHphotovideo or in a larger size, here.
I also found 
the following supplier linked of the same product, which I believe via FedEx provides international shipping.

^ Here is the Safety Data Sheet for their FAC, which is the same exact compound as Jacquard‘s FAC compound below, which again is the same exact compound used for food fortification.

While the above^ option may be better than the below, the below FAC product (also MADE IN THE USA) by
Jacquard is amazing (with ~44.667x its mass in Niacin alongside), likewise pure, and can readily be ordered from Amazon::
Amazon USA link
^ Also sold on Amazon CanadaAmazon Mexico, Amazon AustraliaAmazon UKAmazon Spain (+ larger 1 lb jug),
and Amazon Germany (+ larger 1 lb jug) <- AVOID ANY LIQUID PRODUCT that may pop up. WE WANT STRICTLY POWDER.
^ INTERNATIONAL AVAILABILITY + the Jacquard website provides options, for customers across the globe, organized into a list (by country) from where their (make sure) powder (& NOT liquid) product of ferric ammonium citrate, which is pure + uses the same exact compound as Photographers’ Formulary (above), can be ordered, either ONLINE or RETAIL.

^   ^

Also available from PureBulk (10% OFF with DMITRYKATS CODE at checkout):
^ with scooping spoons:

*     *     *

While referring to the below
Chart, for the time-being until NIACIRON releases, most accurately & consistently
combine niacin & ferric iron(III) ammonium citrate, …
… meaning ’til NIACIRON (these specified nutrients conveniently fine-tune fused into one capsule in appropriate ratio) …
get used to weighing-out / preparing* doses in distinct relative mass amounts (per below Chart) each dose, 1-2x daily usually


As indicated in the column of FAC to weigh out in the 
below Chart, we can use the below Formula:

of Ferric Iron(III) Ammonium Citrate = (mass of PureBulk Niacin) ÷ 44.667

–        –        –


Chart (click to ZOOM in; right-click to SAVE the image)

HOM3OSTASIS by Dr. Dmitry Kats PhD, MPH | NIACIRON (fine-tune fusing these into one product) coming soon to PureBulk

HOM3OSTASIS Protocol (Niacin and Ferric Ammonium Citrate in fine-tuned ratio) by Dmitry Kats, PhD, MPH: each row in the above Chart represents the size of the SINGLE = ONE (1) dose according to what a subject (at the designated mass in lbs or kg) seeking therapy and/or general health maintenance (& beyond) ought to either start at or at the minimum, evaluate (for future guiding of the personal dose that fits you)... The best strategy may be to begin at 1-2 doses daily (preferably after WELL-balanced meal(s)) -- perhaps twice daily for the first week to get things flowing, at the designated levels (even higher after evaluating, or lower if more comfortable)) having the understanding that the most efficiently & seamlessly attained recovery may be achieved by expeditiously (but to your personal comfort) reaching & evaluating at the very least what is indicated above to be provided together (niacin + FAC) as a single dose size in the above Chart. Meanwhile, please do not fear going higher (whenever) if needed or just if you feel the need/desire | ALSO, PLEASE note that dosing might be ideal, assuming balanced schedule + diet, 5-20 minutes after meal(s), albeit some do like supplementing NiacIron on an emptier stomach (or really whenever suits him or her best) <-- In this way, feel it out as everyone is different, even you some days vs. others || ONCE IN TIP-TOP SHAPE (usually a few days to weeks for more acute conditions, and a few weeks to months for more chronic diseases), "prophylactic" or "anti-aging" / "health maintenance" use can be guided by feeling out single amounts to take once daily all the way up to the amount in the row per the designated mass used for therapy (typically, at least half that amount but often up to even the full amount taken once daily is reported to be most preferred by many individuals). Even higher than the designated single dose amount of NiacIron from the above Chart can be taken, if that feels best for you certain days (or everytime). To donate a (personal) example, I weigh approximately 170 lbs and dose typically once a day after lunch &/or dinner (some days twice), at 2 grams of Niacin (using either the PureBulk powder or 4 PureBulk Niacin (gel) capsules, which are 500-mg each, but I make sure by taking out the contents) + 44.776 grams of Ferric Iron(III) Ammonium Citrate (FAC) GREEN-colored powder. After weighing the PureBulk niacin and ~1/44.667th of its mass of FAC, I then either dissolve them together (the FAC first) into a tiny bit of DISTILLED water, or, again after weighing separately, precisely scoop them into the original PureBulk Niacin gelatin capsules <-- NOTE: When doing this, I MAKE SURE to use the linked 0.000 g precision digital scale along with the helpful little scooping spoons. | Of course there are days during which I feel like I could suffice with a bit less than this dose, whereas other days (especially if I am going hard in the gym or on the farm working or reading Krehl's works intensively or just stressed out) I definitely hit a bit higher of a single-sized dose than this quoted one ~ | | ~ FINALLY, please speak with YOUR medical provider before getting your feet too wet. In fact, for more individualized needs, I would encourage for us together (family too, please) to book what I have made hopefully an affordable consultation package, equipped to cooperate together with dedicated follow-up (including tracking of clinical biomarkers). To schedule such a more personalized experience, in the top menu above, clicking the Consultations tab links to to book. * * * PLEASE DIGEST the vital additional information below! Thank you. * * *

immediate release nicotinic acid
PureBulk has the BEST (10% OFF with DMITRYKATS CODE at checkout) – GEL caps or POWDER (Bags)
^ INTERNATIONAL AVAILABILITY (use FedEx or DHL as shipper + get (gel) capsules product over powder)


Ferric Iron(III) Ammonium Citrate
NOT Ferric Citrate but CORRECTLY, the WATERSOLUBLE, GREEN-colored Ferric Ammonium Citrate (FAC)
i.e., NOT Ferric Citrate (without the Ammonium part) like the Swanson “Iron Citrate” product

This Photographers’ Formulary company (MADE IN THE USA) may be the best FAC product right now (albeit Jacquard product below is also great): 
^ Same Photographers’ Formulary product as above^ but from the retail site, BHphotovideo or in a larger size, here.
I also found 
the following supplier linked of the same product, which I believe via FedEx provides international shipping.

While the above^ option may be better than the below, the below FAC product (also MADE IN THE USA) by Jacquard is amazing (with ~44.667x its mass in Niacin alongside), likewise pure, and can readily be ordered from Amazon::
Amazon USA link
^ Also sold on Amazon CanadaAmazon Mexico, Amazon AustraliaAmazon UKAmazon Spain (+ larger 1 lb jug), and Amazon Germany (+ larger 1 lb jug) <– AVOID ANY LIQUID PRODUCT that may pop up. WE WANT STRICTLY POWDER.
^ INTERNATIONAL AVAILABILITY + the Jacquard website provides options, for customers across the globe, organized into a list (by country) from where their (make sure) powder (& NOT liquid) product of ferric ammonium citrate, which is pure + uses the same exact compound as Photographers’ Formulary (above), can be ordered, either ONLINE or RETAIL.

^   ^

Also available from PureBulk (10% OFF with DMITRYKATS CODE at checkout):


These spoons are NOT intended to be used to actually measure the amount of the powder needed but rather to scoop out tiny segments of the contents of a Ferric Iron(III) Ammonium Citrate powder from its bottle (or holding container) onto the precision 0.000 g scale using the Formula above…
also available from PureBulk (10% OFF with DMITRYKATS CODE at checkout):

FINALLY, given the levels of toxins in water (see here of greatest concern), a water distiller like THIS ONE would be a wise move.

Our COFACTORS are a sufficientcalorie, wellbalanced DIET and clean (PREFERABLY DISTILLED) WATER.

Similarly, any over-the-counter (OTC) “medications” (e.g., Tylenol or Aspirin or Advil or “anti-histamines”) or prescription (Rx) drugs are not needed and will interfere. PLEASE consult with YOUR medical provider. I would be happy to assist & contribute.

LEISURE-TIME PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, early-on — at low-intensity such as functional exercise or even stretching with massage (avoid phenol oils like aloe; we can use topical NIACIRON) &/or with sauna/bath while staying HYDRATED before, during, & after — particularly once premier dose levels are evaluated + identified, will aid physiologically and for the soul while also to re-assimilate into daily “life” if recovering from more chronic &/or autoimmune conditions.

DO NOT OVER-do intensity (or duration) of sport/exercise activity but with improvement, explore higher intensity/duration forward.
Overall, habitual exercise at relevant levels should be additively and potentially synergistically beneficial to incorporate with NIACIRON (NIACIN in-sync with FERRIC IRON(III) AMMONIUM CITRATE). Notwithstanding this union of these nutrients and physical activity highlighted by their similarities in enabling exertion of excess energy out the body (and so not accumulate through cells over aging), relevant supplement of NIACIRON was recently shownsolely, to offer analogous benefits as committing to engagement in 4 hours DAILY of elliptical-intensity exercise but without the (labor to invest in work to) exercise!

I do have to warn you of one quite troublesome potential side effect that may happen upon sufficiently applying NiacIron forward that in fact I hope for you to be able to experience, which is trying to convince people that you really are 437 years of age, or then 863 …
… and on … ?

Your appreciation for the advancement of the healing is welcomed.

Please consider being a supporter & member of our growing community. Immerse into supporting, growing, & thriving together.