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HOM3OSTASIS by 1 Party At A Time, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, cherishes its role in striving to establish a new blueprint for public health advancement, guided by realization of the need for valid and reliable dissemination, engagement, surveillance, and assessment of health-relevant information in communities, especially those most at risk and detrimentally impacted.

Your donations are appreciated by HOM3OSTASIS, and ultimately by the collective public towards their advancement. As we strive to accelerate testing of the scientifically-synthesized intervention as presented in Niaciron into wide-scale double-blinded randomized controlled trials and towards supporting the objectives we aim to drive forward and share with the world, your donations to support these very missions make up our funding, and thus are imperative for our growth and success. Thank you, and enjoy this unique experience offered in return.

100% of donations, including from the shop, go directly to support HOM3OSTASIS by 1 Party At A Time

All donations are 501(c)(3) tax-deductible (if applicable), with EIN: 82-1690789

Thank you kindly for your help! We are grateful for all our contributors and supporters who understand the importance of HOM3OSTASIS.

Rock Our Gear!

We are excited to announce our newly opened HOM3OSTASIS shop where you can shop and support our lifesaving mission by gifting yourself or someone you love specialty HOM3OSTASIS items. Every purchase is a gift that keeps on giving. Show your pride in the movement by showing off our uniquely designed gear! Way more seriously cool stuff to come here!

Your Support is Appreciated by Many!

We are doing our best to reach as many as possible and with utmost urgency—here in the United States and worldwide. Nevertheless, to keep moving forward with our ambitious albeit realistic and certainly worthwhile goals requires garnering enough revenue in donations and organic growth in healing. Every penny of your generous donations goes strictly and exclusively to fulfilling our precision health-directed and no-nonsense-governed mission to revolutionize public health while helping every life we can in the process.

Again, thank you! And we are excited to grow together…