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represents the health science-oriented initiative and development of our registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, into now leading a growingly informed thereby improved community in hopes of blossoming into a needed resurrection, or ultimately a solid grasp of the public health forward. Donation provides not only opportunity for a truly one-of-a-kind immersion into your own enlightened wellness, but furthermore fuels our abilities to reach as many as possible and provide even more impact.

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Create a profile, interact, join forums & groups, store all information that is important to you as you fit. As a donating member, you become immersed into our own unique social media community and engagement platform, focused on being a part of achieving attainable goals, and well beyond, together.

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HOM3OSTASIS is to help yourself, which helps us to better reach others. When you become a donating member, you become part of something bigger as we continue global outreach efforts. Realizing that advancement of public health may be hindered is the first step. Members are aware & engaged, as we pioneer tangible change.

Trajectory Biomarkers
(developing forward)

With our Wellness Journal program, as meticulously & frequently, monitor and track metrics, exposures, & progress, to use later in advanced epidemiological analyses. This epidemiologically involved approach informs, clarifies, & preserves real-world application. We intend to target more specific partners to aid here in the future.

Growing Library of Medical Literature

With growing evidence unanimously demonstrating the same beyond just promising findings, given their sheer significance & projected impact, we honor the importance of delineating these results as effectively as possible. Along with a digital library, a novel challenge-oriented but fun, engaging system will be introduced to enrich learning forward. 


HOM3OSTASIS is a movement, a community,  and hope to renaissance the public health and its culture. As we grow together here, expand our reach, and help more each day–when you sign up for yourself–you are signing up to change humanity. (We truly cannot do this all without you!)

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Sign up & create a profile to immerse into our fun learning environment, engaging in our social media, managing forums & groups, and tracking biometrics for us to assess
Naturally lead to realizing how truly feasible a seriously healthy new you is, while shaped + molded together with others just like you who have been there & done that too
Share with friends & family, people you care about, and share on social media too! The public health must drive the public health forward by informing what is needed to do so

For non-members, as a charity we still provide the below need-to-know resources for public access:


Landing Page stays muted, but Members have a private chat group that Dr. Kats is in 24/7!


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Aside from our own News Feed for Members, see Dr. Kats’ work

What just some of the VERY MANY have reported:

“Knocked covid back to nothing more than sniffles within 48 hours.”
KJ Winn
“I’m a first round long-hauler. This protocol is the ONLY thing that worked for me.”
Alissa Valdez
“I honestly believe that you will heal if you follow this protocol. I’ve watched many heal along my way.”
Dan Bennett
“I have comt, Mthfr mutations, and tinnitus. With the protocol I finally got a full nights sleep and wake with no pain! This is the best I’ve felt in 10 years!!!!”
Kim S.
“My MS symptoms are fully reversing. I’ll be adding more co-factors tonight! Can’t wait to see what happens next to my body!”
Amy Smith
“My mom is 83 with dementia and GI issues– after starting the protocol it literally has given her life back!! Kats is a gift to true science & health.”
Kris Hamwi
“If you haven’t been on this protocol, you will not be able to understand how rejuvenating it is for longhaulers.”
Tim Pressley
“This protocol has given me and my wife a huge increase in energy level, I mean daily usual life, energy level is great throughout.”
Don & Jan Johnson
“Since I started taking the protocol have been happier, more energy, better sense of smell, hair has more life…stuff has really turned back the clock.”
Robert Jones