No, they are not the same thing and each perform differently. 

Yes, it does matter which one you take!  Taking nicotinic acid in immediate release, flushing form only, is imperative.

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The flushing effect is a natural exfoliation of free radicals as your body releases excess stored energy and inflammation.

Typically, there is a reddening “flush” visible on the skin, and possible itchiness that lasts from 20-45 minutes.

You want to make sure that your niacin has the advisory for flush.  This is what you want, and the flush is to be expected.

However, the novelty of the “flushing” can exasperate this effect as it can create anxiety, restrict blood flow, and add more stress to your body.  

Taking after a meal, with proper co-factors can help reduce ‘flushing’ symptoms.

Please do not take extended-release, slow-acting, flush-free types of niacin!

These other kinds of niacin cause unwanted damage, so only use immediate release niacin always.

Please see the Protocol for the best products!

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This protocol is safe and used by diabetics.  In fact many diabetics have been able to reverse their HDL, abandon prescriptions, and live a better quality of life.

This protocol is great to heal from adverse reactions pharmaceutical attempts to fight or prevent covid. 

Successful reversal of symptoms have occured by simply taking protocol daily while fixing gut health, improving mood and sleep, reducing pain and increasing overall quality of life until optimal health has been achieved, as many experienced.


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For regular health maintenance the lower dose range and intervals should be sufficient.  Because of dose response, trying different dose amounts to find the right fit would be ideal.

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