When considering the indispensability of preserving PURITY and QUALITY CONTROL, especially in terms of the applications of Niacin or Water, actual PROOF of these molecules’ purity/quality (i.e. NOT simply advertisement or labeling backed with empty promises or guarantees but officially-audited document of clear conformation to these standards) is evidently completely void across the entire supplement/nutrition industry (i.e., what is available to consumers) if not all commerce markets.

In complement to the herein anti-corrosion research, but ultimately in general, our nonprofit public charity organization stands committed to overcoming the dire implications stemming from lack of any actual proof of authenticity in procurement for use of such essential goods.

We are OBLIGED to provide


… which is (what it is, simply) …

Nicotinic Acid = NIACIN (the ONLY actual vitamin) and NOT niacinamide (aka nicotinamide) or ANY other entity!

100% PURE, FRESH, directly from the ONLY reputable and capable manufacturer

– Officially-audited Certificate of Analysis (PDF document) as filed by the manufacturer as proof that the EXACT container of Niacin ordered (via matching Lot/Batch #s) is in fact 100% PURE nicotinic acid (& nothing else) while passing the most stringent of quality control standards (free of ANY alternative entities, such as but certainly not limited to just toxins like niacinamide)

 +  optional or instead


TOP GRADE & endotoxin-free

– Like Niacin, a specific (Lot/Batch #-matching) Certificate of Analysis as filed by the manufacturer reflecting proof of purity and quality control will be included for the ordered + received Water.



100% PURE Nicotinic Acid (aka Niacin) directly from the only reliable manufacturer; FRESHLY made (i.e., within the past few months); provided in a specialized/fitted and sealed by-the-manufacturer (untampered & unopened from that point on), BPA/BPS-free high density polyethylene plastic (white-colored) container.

 +  … (optional or instead) …

>99.99999% water (aka H2O) of THE highest grade (tissue culture grade), sterile-filtered, <1 EU/mL = essentially endotoxin-free, directly from THE premier manufacturer; also FRESHLY manufactured (i.e., within months) and prepared into a sealed by the manufacturer, BPA/BPS-free Nalgene Tritan “next-level” plastic (clear) bottle.

Your order represents the relevant donation made to our 501(c)(3)-registered nonprofit public charity research organization associated with the various costs accrued in procuring the validated to-be-pure, unadulterated, and as a matter of fact, even correct compounds, directly from the globe’s sole actually reliable and legitimate manufacturer.

By placing this order, the customer is aware of as well as consenting to their intended usage of the ordered compound(s) as for providing their own observed/collected information in terms of their application with (at last, REAL) niacin (ideally w/ clean water) in the various anti-corrosion settings.

Collectively, these data will serve to ultimately steer our nonprofit’s mission along the advancement of this crucial field of research into application.

Furthermore, donation payment for chosen items entails that the customer placing such order intends for the use of the herein ordered/received compound(s) to be conducted responsibly, with all testing procedures abiding to strict standards of safety as determined by the donating customer in good faith and due diligence.

To inform which combination below for each of the options for Niacin Size, Water Size, and Shipping Destination (all of which must be selected to continue) fits best, review the Description section that follows.

Thank you,

Dmitry Kats PhD, MPH



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100% PURE nicotinic acid (aka niacin), directly from the only reliable manufacturer; FRESHLY manufactured (i.e., within months) and provided in a BPA/BPS-free high density polyethylene plastic (white-colored) container, which is fit-to-size/amount and professionally-sealed/closed by the manufacturer (thereon and arriving to you untampered/unopened).

+  … (optional or instead) …

>99.99999% water (aka H2O) of highest grade (tissue culture grade), sterile-filtered, <1 EU/mL = essentially endotoxin-free, directly from the premier manufacturer; also FRESHLY manufactured (i.e., within months) and provided in its fitted and by-the-manufacturer sealed (and again, unopened from there) BPA/BPS-free Nalgene Tritan “next-level” plastic (clear) bottle.


To maximize preservation and quality, niacin (i.e., nicotinic acid) and/or water — again, directly from the manufacturer to HOM3OSTASIS — all the way through its inception upon manufacture to arrival as shipment to you (meaning professional storage, handling, boxing, padding, taping, exposure limitations, and courier-grade) and thereafter as best as possible when not using — should remain stored in a dark, cool (~21°C) spot (e.g., closet, cupboard, drawer) limited to exposure from sun, light, &/or heat. The respective Nalgene containers in which they are packaged and sealed by the manufacturer (or just for niacin, within a quality-grade [preferably amber-tinted] glass jar.

The REAL niacin attained herein — the actual niacin (nicotinic acid) — in fact is not nearly as cheaply-priced as X being sold to individual consumers (by every single last company possible, including naturally ALL supplement/nutritional-oriented merchants) — this X that we for years misconceived to be ACTUAL &/or PURE niacin/nicotinic acid.

Unlike the not actual niacin but what ever does end up being identified as the composition of the poisonous powder sold like used cars by slimy supplement company product movers, call it X that remains misnomered as  ‘niacin’ and masqueraded to be the real niacin (i.e., what is offered here on this page), the real niacin as per on this page is nowhere even close to as simply able to be purchased + received as the junk on the commercial market… as opposed to the junk (containing who actually even knows how much ACTUAL niacin=nicotinic acid) available for the consumer market, the entity who happens clearly to be the leading, #1 manufacturer of niacin and of water strives for 100.0% purity and total absence of anything but the identified compound.

Providing fresh niacin seems to be a theme as well, in that given the limited availabilities in this company’s niacin supply, it is becoming clear how REAL niacin is not as readily attainable as originally presumed, i.e., based on not knowing and thus no where yet close to understanding the importance in actually knowing the true identity and quality of the “niacin”/”nicotinic acid” sold to individual consumers.

Not only is it impossible for the individual consumer to purchase chemicals from this manufacturer (or from any other, poorer-quality chemical companies), but what is more is that readily attaining such finally real, actual, pure, fresh niacin — likely depending on how favorably the delicate manufacturing process ensues — even for the most prestigiously partnered businesses appears to be all but just as impossible as the former. Therefore, please be patient with us as well in this endeavor. 🙂


Shipping & Handling:

The services of strictly trusted couriers are utilized to enable affordable while secure, insured, and expedited delivery. All items orders, from their inception, will remain untampered in their originally-sealed container(s) whilst minimized to any exposure over transport.

For your convenience, relevant Shipping & Handling costs are calculated and already included in the total price that will show up once each of the three desired options for: Size (of 1 Niacin & of 2 Water) and 3 Shipping Destination.

^ NOTE: do NOT overlook the ‘None’ option to choose for 1 or 2 if only one of either 1 or 2 but not both 1 and 2 is desired.

Domestic (USA)

  • Shipping Cost reflected in price
  • Delivery Time: 2-5 business days

Canada or Mexico

  • Shipping Cost reflected in price
  • Delivery Time: 3-9 business days


  • Shipping Cost reflected in price
  • Delivery Time: 2-14 business days

^ Costs reflect figures actively calculated on the courier’s website using configurations according to package size/dimension.

All packages/parcels sent to donating customers will be covered automatically by the highest available level of insurance offered by the courier.

We hope to minimize delay in turnover of niacin (&/or water) going forward, however, we can never forecast unforeseen delays or happenings outside of our control.

Message us on our site (if customer is a registered Member) &/or contact [email protected] with any questions. We represent a cornerstone in advancement of the sciences, welcoming your input in making that more possible.


KNOWN Purity + Quality Assurance:

  • Certificate of Analysis (COA): Within 24 hours from when the order is shipped, a message will be sent to the donating customer that includes the official COA documents for each product ordered that is shipped. This document, which will never be altered, manipulated, or misappropriated, serves to be proudly used to verify your personal product’s compliance with strict purity and quality control standards.
  • Lot/Batch #s: Each product has a unique Lot/Batch #, identifying its origin and production details. This number will be included through the content of the aforementioned message, printed on the label(s) of ordered/received product(s), and correspond to the constitution of the very batch referred to in each COA.

and Verification:

  • Digital copies of this information (via the aforementioned COA along with any other relevant information provided by the manufacturer) will be sent to the customer for convenience and reference.
  • Lot/Batch #s allow also to trace the origin and production history of your specific product.
  • This system ensures you receive authentic products that meet only the utmost standards: ONLY 100%, FRESH.

Additional Information

  • Niacin (aka Nicotinic Acid): Procured exclusively from THE top and ONLY manufacturer capable/equipped to produce pure nicotinic acid for these contracted purposes: what this means is you are receiving STRICTLY 100% niacin with proof of it and sans any other molecule left over such as toxic precursors from which nicotinic acid can be derived, along with hazardous intermediates remaining from manufacturing as well as dangerous binders and heavy metals, to levels unknown but at growing proportions of niacinamide (aka nicotinamide) and other precursors, analogues, or derivatives of (but not fully) nicotinic acid. Officially-audited evidence of corroboration to purity and quality appears as the results of the COAs provided directly from the manufacturer for each new batch, based on state-of-the-art methods to confirm whether its contents do indeed conform — according to extensive laboratory technologies — to the identity of the claimed compound/assigned product, i.e. the batch from which it came was exclusively nicotinic acid (=niacin) at a purity level of (for our sake)strictly 100%, and meanwhile that the product’s contents contain levels below the most stringent of thresholds for all of a series of examined potential adulterants, including but not limited to: pesticides (aka endotoxins/”pathogens”), sulfate, chloride, heavy metals, various toxic isomers often in the form of the aforementioned artificial precursors like nicotinamide (aka niacinamide). Especially for anti-corrosion but really in general, confirmation of exclusively nicotinic acid per these details should be MANDATORY.
  • Water (aka H2O): An endotoxin-free, sterile-filtered, made by once again, THE top and ONLY manufacturer capable/equipped to produce water pure enough to serve as STANDARD for cell cultures, i.e., microbiological-related purposes demanding the highest purity.

– – –

Once ordered items are processed, fully-packaged, and ready to ship, a Message will be sent from @GPR109A here on our site (if customer is an active Member) and/or emailed (to email address specified in Checkout), which will include the following:

* COA (along with any other information provided) by the manufacturer, specific to each exact item herein ordered and shipped

* Tracking # and the direct link to live-track the order’s shipment from HOM3OSTASIS to the indicated Shipping Destination

Additional information

Niacin Size

None, 100 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams

Water Size

None, 500 mL, 1000 mL

Shipping Destination

Domestic (in USA), Canada or Mexico, International (outside North America)


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